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Why only one sound coming from the headphone?

I have iPod shuffle 512mb and recently found that only one sound can be heard via the headphone. After i changed to another headphone, the problem still persist and i suspect the headphone jack is at fault.

How do i change it, does it come soldered with the new board you are selling?

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as you can see in step 11 of the shuffle logic board guide - the jack is soldered to the board.

normally it's only "dirt" inside the jack or one of the contacts is bent. since the headphone jack is "open" - you could see one of those problems when the shuffle is opened.

another possible problem is a proken soldering point/contact between the headphone jack and the logic board. if you have a soldering iron (and are able to use it) - resolder the headphone jack.

good luck

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I too am experiencing this on my iPhone 3GS. I am told to replace the headphone jack. $40 part and an almost extensive tear down. I think I am going to upgrade to ios4 today, erase my jailbreak and try to get a replacement, so I have a working iPod functionality when I upgrade to the iPhone4 and keep this 3GS as a media/gaming system.

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I understand that - but i(!) would try to repair it. using the 3gs as an iPod touch would be no option for me ;-)


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