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Repair your Dyson DC 14 vacuum cleaner with a part replacement guide.

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The motor runs but it does not suck

I accidently hit one of my cats toys and the vacuum quite working. I unplug it and checked that the belt was not broken. The motor runs, but the vacuum will not suck. Is there a second belt somewhere inside that could be broken?

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Was the toy pulled into the vacuum? Could it have clogged the pipe between the brush and the canister?


As suggested by Andrew, check the little hose that is behind the beater brush. I have two DC14 vacs and both them have had the hose get plugged. Also, make sure the beater is running.


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If your vacuum cleaner loses suction from its nozzle or hose, see the Dyson Ball Animal Has Loss Of Suction In Hose problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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