Why cannot be ram capacity 6 gb

RAMs of my notebook are samsung 1GB 1Rx8 PC3-10600S-09-10-ZZZ M471B2873FHS-CH9,2GB 2Rx8 PC3-10600S-09-10-F2 M471B5673FHO-CH9.When I search for the model numbers of the RAMs on the producer’s internet site, their speed is specified as 1333 MHZ. However their speed is specified as 667 MHZ in Cpu-2 Programme.I’ve seen that it can be increased up to 4+4GB.So I bought Kingston DDR3-4GB RAM whose speed is 1333MHZ in order to make it suitable with the mentioned producer’s speed 1333MHZ.I aimed to increase the capacity of my RAM to 6 GB with my new 4GB RAM by removing the 1GB RAM from my notebook. After installing the new 4GB RAM,BIOS of my notebook detects the total RAM as 6GB.But at the start,the operating system gives an error.This time,I wanted to re-install the operating system by placing 4GB RAM alone.The operating system cannot be installed either. my first question is: What is the speed of the RAMs in my notebook?My second question is:How can I increase the capacity of my RAMs

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