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Why won't my Canon Camcorder E65A tape rewind or play?

My camcorder won't play tape or rewind tape at all. Everything seems to work but the tape doesn't move either direction. Is it possible that the small belt drive is broken?

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There are a few rubber parts in the tape transport in this camcorder camera that over time do need to be replaced.

You'll need to locate the service manual for it online some where to understand how to gain access to the belts and/or pinch rollers. You might be able to rejuvenate with a rubber using a good rubber cleaner. I've used this one with success: CAIG CaiKleen RBR RBR100L-25C Rubber Cleaner Rejuvenator. The service manual should supply a good parts breakdown if you need to order a new part from Canon.

I wet a Q-Tip (cotton swab) and rub it acres the rollers as needed and then wipe off any excess. For belts if I can get them out I wet a paper towel and drag the belt across a few times. The trick here is not to get any of the cleaner into the mechanism as it can make things worse!

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