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Improved second generation Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen.

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I am Stuck On Reboot Screen

I have tried all of the troubleshooting tips on the forums for trying to reboot my device but no matter what I do I all i end up seeing is the google logo. I contacted Asus and they told me it was out of warranty and that it would cost $200 for them to wipe the tablet and re-install the operating system. Is there a cheaper option? I 'd rather not have a paper weight and from what I've seen online that is what it looks like.

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OK thanks for the info! I'll see if those will work


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Hi Mason!

Have you ruled out that the issue is not a hardware failure? I have worked with several of these tablets with the same issue your describing. It turned out to be a faulty power flex cable.

If it is a software related issue(which doesn't happen often) follow this link.

This will help you go about flashing a stock OS to the device. You may need to do some searching on Google for the devices most recent OS.

But yes this is a fixable issue.

Good luck mate!



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I'm having the same problem with stuck on google screen at boot, do you have a part number/source for the power flex cable you mentioned?


I didn't notice that the Nexus 7 Tablet was included as one that could possibly be repaired using your recommendations.

Will this help the Nexus 7 Tablet?




Worked fine for my wife's 2nd gen wi-fi Nexus 7.

A happy wife is a happy life!

Try googling these tools if you are technical:



Android Multi Tools v1.02b


Hey Josh, just wanted to see if you could clarify which cable is the "power flex cable." I'm in the same boat as the guy at the top and would like to try that before swapping out the motherboard.


Old thread common problem and I just got affected. Tried everything to no avail. I could not re-flash because from Day 1 my Nexus 7 2nd Gen (bought used) worked perfectly EXCEPT it would not be recognized when USB connected to computer. I could not even install the drivers because Device Manager NEVER even recognized a tablet connected. I am contemplating buying a new Motherboard, but wondering if I also need a new USB daughterboard. I have survived without the need to connect to the PC, but I wonder if the new Motherboard comes pre-loaded with the OS or if I would still be dead in the water without a USB connection to re-flash.



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Look at my 21 June reply and try it again.

Just because it doesn't work the first time doesn't mean it wont work.

I often have to repeat solutions severtal times before the problem is fixed.

I really doubt it is a hardware issue or you wouldn't be seeing the Google logo.

You wouldn't be seeing anything.

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Hi Mike,

would be surprised if it was an software issue, as my Nexus7 was updated a while ago..

What you propose is to root the unit and reload a firmware?


Hi Koen,

What I did is play around with these programs:

NRT_v2.0.5.sfx and Android Multi Tools v1.02b

We were travelling in New Zealand and my wife was freaking when her tablet wouldn't boot. I'm not a tablet expert that's for sure and I 'm afraid I wasn't very scientific and document my work like I do at home (retired network engineer).

All I can say is that I couldn't get it to boot up all the way. I just kept fiddling with the software back and forth, back and forth with no luck trying to reinstall/upgrade the OS with the Nexus 7 connected to my little ASUS Netbook with W7 Pro 64bit.

Finally when I was about to give up after many tries it suddenly booted up. My wife lost all her photos and videos but it was working again!

The key for me was playing with the tools. That's how I've always solved problems that are outside the normal range. I have a very stubborn streak.

I wish you luck and you may be absolutely correct that it is a hardware never know.




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What have you tried so far?


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Just about everything. Charging it to full with the original charger, rebooting from the bios menu, flexing the tablet, tapping it. I recently tried to take it apart to see if I could find any issue and I managed to crack the screen in the process of doing so. Any help would be awesome.


Hi Connor,

Have you been to this web site:

I'm trusting that tou have a computer that you can connect with the Nexus.

Read it over. Let me know how it goes.



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