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Released May 2012, identified by model number J2011-03-US.

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Jawbone Jambox 3.5mm AUX is broken, needs replacing. Is this possible?

The 3.5mm AUX socket is broken on my Jawbone Jambox, I'm hoping to replace it but can't find where to buy the component? Has anyone else managed to change this port?

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Looks like that AUX port is on the micro USB board: Jawbone Big Jambox Micro USB Port Replacement

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Looking for how to replace a broken charging port for the Jambox. need help with that also

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Here's the guide for doing that: Jawbone Big Jambox Charge Port Replacement


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I know this is late, but for anyone else who needed the part/component number for the 3.5mm jack, it is a PJ-328 jack from my research. It is possible to replace by removing the micro-USB board and desoldering the old one and soldering a new one. 10-20 minutes.

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