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The 7 inch third generation of Nook color tablets by Barnes & Noble, not to be confused with the 9 inch Nook HD+.

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How do I get my nooks charging port fixed?

when I plug my charger in my nook it does not work. I have bought a new charger and that's not that problem its the charging port.

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I have the same problem. When plugged in, the light turns green briefly like it used to, then orange. And then goes out and refused to charge. Now what do I do?


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Yes, I found a used nook @ yard sale. B4 tearing down the yard sale nook, I √ to make sure it was going to charge 1st. Then I removed the port from that one & replaced my bad port. Take ur time & be very very careful. I found an online video to break down my nook. Power99 had a good video on youtube. Its been so long ago I don't remember if I used a small piece of electrical tape or a dot of electronics glue to hold it in place as I had no way to sauder it back. Works fine now.


**Tweezers w/curved tips to grip the port 4 removal & replacement.

**T5 or T6 magnetic screwdriver

**Flat plastic pry tool w/ a smooth rounded tip NOT a fingernail file!!

**Tape or magnet to hold the 22 screws from the frame of ur nook.

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There was a small piece of metal that came out of the charging port on my Nook. That is why mine won’t charge. Does anyone know how I can fix this?


I have same problem


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