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A counter-top sandwich grill that features a floating style press and 10" x 8" grids.

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Why is my Panini Press not heating up?

My Panini Press is plugged into a working outlet and the red light is on, however the cooking surfaces are not heating up.

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The Panini Press generates heat from heating elements that are located underneath the cooking surfaces. If one or both of the cooking surfaces are not heating up while the Panini Press is plugged into a working 120V outlet, then there is most likely a problem with the electrical connections in the heating elements. These connections are made up of two main components: electrical wires, which transfer the electricity to the heating element, and solder joints, metal “adhesive” composed of tin and lead used to connect the wires to the heating element. These components can become faulty from physical damage. Please refer to this Troubleshooting guide for more information on how to resolve this problem.

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