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A portable, all-in-one, desktop with touchscreen manufactured in 2013 by Dell. Model Number W01A can be found by checking the device's right support foot.

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Why won't my computer charge?

I am having trouble charging my computer. Every time I plug it in to the charger, it does not help. I have tried multiple outlets and it still does not work. Could this be the charger or is it something more complicated?

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It could possibly be the charger. Check to see if your charger wire has any cuts or distortions on it. If this is the case, the charger wire might be frayed and you will need to get a new one. Also, check to see if your charging port is working as well too. It might be blocked by a speck of dirt that won't allow the grooves of the charger to fit into the computer.

If none of these are the problem, your battery is probably not functioning properly. In this case, you will need to replace the battery. Here is a link to a battery replacement guide.

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