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Sorti en avril 2014. CPU - Quad-core 2,3 GHz Krait 400. GPU - Adreno 330. Affichage - IPS LCD , 16 millions de couleurs , Résolution - 1080 x 1920 pixels , 5,2 pouces . Mémoire interne - 16 Go , 3 Go de RAM . Android OS , v4.4.2 ( KitKat). D6502 , D6503 , D6543

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My wifi has very bad reception

I received this Z2 back from Warranty Repairs. The repair process took to long, so i got another device, and was allowed to keep the repaired one without warranty.

Now the only problem i have, is when i want to connect to a WiFi network, i have to stay REALLY close to the Router.

When walking like 3 feet away from it, the signal drops and i cannot connect.

3G/4G work fine. Bluetooth seems buggy aswell.

any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Maurice, Netherlands

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I would check the wifi antenna to insure it is properly connected. Link provided on how to get to it. Good luck.

Sony Xperia Z2 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

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Yes, ordered parts and will report back :) thnx


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Well I went on to "repairing" my phone. Got all parts I required.

After opening the back panel guess what i saw...

NO friggin WiFi antenna!!!

Hope the link works...

So placed the module I ordered, stuck everything in place and voila!

Max WiFi reach.

Happy me!

Kind regards


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Please help me out

When this issue occurs ?

Since the beginning

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