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A tablet released by Hisense in 2014, identified by model number E2281.

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Why does my battery not hold a charge?

I have been charging my device for the past five hours and yet it is still not fully charged. My outlet is working and I have correctly plugged in the charger but still nothing. What can I do to fix it?

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The answer given does not fit the question. Your battery's suck. Just tell the truth about your product hisense


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If the tablet does not charge, try wiggling the connector. If the tablet continues to not charge or only charges when the chord is held in a specific position, then you need to repair the USB port.

If you are having trouble fitting the charger into the USB port, you may need to remove the connector and check if there is any debris in the port. If so, then clean out the port and try connecting the charger again. If the charger still does not fit, there is another underlying issue.

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Your battery is most likely shot. Good luck finding a replacement. I suggest a different manufacturer

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Actually the battery is for sale online. I'm assuming you knowhow to open the plastic case without breaking it. Use a plastic guitar pick at the seam. The batt has numbers 606090 on it and it is 3.7volt 2400mah. And so obviously if your not tech inclined then dont attempt it. The batt stops holding a charge. It's a cheap batt they installed at factory


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