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Deuxième génération de l'iPhone. Modèle A1241 / capacité de 8 ou 16 Go / coque arrière noire ou blanche. La réparation est plus simple que pour l'iPhone de première génération et nécessite des tournevis, des outils pour faire levier et une ventouse.

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Hot glue antenna into place?


Hoping someone can offer me some advice.

Recently, my wifes iPhone started having wifi and GPS reception issues. After trying a number of software type solutions, I (correctly) guessed that it was likely due to a loose antenna connector.

Following the great disassembly guide here, I managed to take apart, reconnect the antenna and reassemble the iPhone. All was working great however at the time I did notice the 'snap on' type connector wasnt particularly sturdy and would be likely to disconnect again.

Lo and behold, it has disconnected again. This time I'm resolving to take apart, snap back in place and then apply a small amount of hot glue to keep it there.... does anyone see an issue in doing this/anyone had success doing this?

Cheers in advance!

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The hot glue i know is totally unproblematic(i'm from germany - so i know only the stuff we have).

there is no chemical reaction like in superglue (that would be a big no-go on electronic devices) - it melts with heat and hardens when it cools down - so no problem at all. but keep in mind - there are different hot glue's on the market - some need only 80°C to melt - others need 200°C - so using a glue with a higher temperature range would be better than ones with the lower melting temperature

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Thanks Markus,

Just for those that are interested, just completed this fix - now got full signal for both wifi and gps back.

If you're going to try this fix, suggest you spend some time looking at how the display fits back onto the base, I had to reshape the hot glue so that the display fitted back correctly...


since hot glue can be cutted or modeled - it is good to support problematic connections. nice idea that you had ;-)


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