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replace network card on Samsung LED TV?

I have a Samsung LED UN55D6400 TV. The network card is bad. Done lots of testing. It's the card. A wired connection sees the DCHP, auto-configs OK, but cannot see the Internet. Tried manual configuration and changing router settings. Always the same result. The network is seen but can't connect to Internet. Can it be replaced? Where would I get a replacement card?

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Samsung card rigth empêche mon televiseur Samsung UHD TV d'acceder aux chaînes de TNT SAT AFRICA÷

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merçi de la diligence avec laquelle les preoccupations de vos clients sont prises en charge÷


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You are right, you do need a new Wifi Card and probably a new Main board too. I suggest trying with WiFi card first. It's easier and more cost effective.

You can find Samsung cheap Tv parts at SilverShopTv. They are reliable, offer great price and fast shipping.

Good luck with this journey!

Mike W

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