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A range of desktops aimed at the mainstream consumer market, spec-wise situated between the Inspiron and XPS lines.

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Can I close my laptop after dropping it?

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My Dell Studio laptop fell to the floor while it was on. It still works great, but makes a noise when I start to close it. So I don't close it! I turn it on and off, but don't close it.

The only physical damage appears to that the left-side hinge, or pivot, is not firm, and the metal cover is slightly bent.


Can I go ahead and close the laptop completely, or might that cause some further damage internally, making it inoperable?

Thank you!

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Post an image of your damage with your question. right now I would suggest not to close it since it may tear the hinges from the casing etc.


How do I post an image? I tried 'Copy' and 'Paste'.



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strodney, yes you can, but not for very long. the hinge definitely looks unstable and eventually will break all the way. That would leave your display hanging on one hinge. I suggest that you replace it pretty soon.

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