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Released in 2012, this laptop features a Core i7 processor, dedicated Nvidia 620M GPU, and a 1080p display.

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Where I can buy new audio jack and/or hdmi port?

My audio Asus zenbook has issues with the Audio JAck and HDMI port. both currently work only in certain position and clip every now and then if moved even a bit. I have been trying to find new output jack and hdmi port but without any success. :( would be great to have spares as the computer is physically ok otherwise.

Any help with this?

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If you looking to buy them your going to need to put them on yourself if your almost at that point take the board out and look where it's loose and re solder the joints first. Your options for replacments are looking on amazon or ebay for ones that look similar or buying a broke motherboard similar to yours and take them off and re solder them on your board.

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for 15 bucks.

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