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Black Screen, working monitor, no display


Recently my 12" 1.33Ghz powerbook went dead as I forgot to plug in the power and the battery is useless. When I turned it back on I get the usual chime fan sounds hard drive read but the monitor does literally nothing, no greyness nothing. So....

I have ordered a display adapter and tested it with an external monitor and it works perfectly so what does this mean? which parts could be broken?

The display is litterally black so even if I shine a light at it I can't see any display at all. Does this mean that its not the monitor inverter.

Any help narrowing down which parts I should try replacing would be much appreciated!!

Thanks Michael

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You're at a tough point in the repair. It's one of three things at this point, the Display Data cable, the inverter board or the LCD and no way to know which one it is. I would start with the cheapest, the Display Data Cable: [produit lié absent ou désactivé : IF153-051-1]

Here's the inverter: [produit lié absent ou désactivé : IF153-052-1]

And the available LCD's:

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Does that mean I can rule out a faulty logic board? Presumably if an external monitor is working well then the GPU is ok, but can there be other logic board faults that cause a black screen?

Thanks for your help Mayer!


If it works with an external monitor then the logic board is fine.


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You have to remove the logic board to make the other repairs: I just replaced the inverter, but the problem was still there.

Most likely it's the logic board.

Find a parts machine that has a broken screen...

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Sue. it it works with an external monitor, it is generally, not the logic board.


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