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nokia lumia 2520 replacement outer touch screen

I have a nokia lumia 2520 s#601796fav tablet cracked outer screen . help in replacing the screen

thank you mark

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It looks like a Heat Gun will be required, I have one that I will be dissembling and video the process. I have searched high and low and it seems the search engines have been scrubbed from any detail on this issue of screen replacement. Nokia rushed the 2520 to beat the Microsoft Surface 2 to market.

My problem is purple vertical lines in the display and I have never dropped the tablet and have kept the tablet in the Nokia Powered keyboard case. After diagnosing the problem I have detected that the display connector has become loose from the display. If I press firmly down on the bottom right of the screen where the connector is the display appears and the purple lines disappear. Checked with Ebay and Amazon LCD Displays can be bought but with no instructions available. ($129)

This is obvious cased by heat expanding and causing the connector to become unseated. Probably no tape or connector restriction is applied to the video connector to the screen (Rush to Market).

Will post here the results with video once process is complete (this weekend).

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Hi Scott , I know is been over 2 years but by any chance is the display connector able to be re seated?


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Thanks .. I faced cracked screen on my Lumia 2520.. never replaced any tab screen before .. I hope It's worth it

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you have to replace both together,looks like the same as samsung and iPhone screen replacement. i just ruin my good display trying to change digitizer. be careful on right side you have all of your connectors

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