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Can I test the Mother board only using the USB cable?

I am trying to test a 1st Gen motherboard only. It does not have a battery attached or headphone jack.

Should Itunes see it when it is plugged into the USB port of my computer? Or does it at least need a good battery attached?

I plugged it in and got no indication that it was connected on the computer screen.

This was purchased used and I was trying to prove that it works. The previous owner stated that it was tested with a fire wire cable.

Thanks in advance,

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no, the cable isn't enough for that - the battery would be the minimum.

and for the firewire thing - you can only charge the ipod touch with it - syncing is not possible with those cables

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Markus, Thanks ! That makes me feel better about my purchase. I will have to get a battery on it.

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you're welcome, as a additional information - i#ve tested it on a 2nd gen ipod touch - when i plugged in the cable, it try to boot and then restarts - the power from the usb cable isn't enough to use the upod . but it tried to start


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