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La PlayStation 3 Slim est la deuxième version de la console de jeu vidéo PS3 produite par Sony Computer Entertainment. Elle est sortie le 1er septembre 2009.

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Why wont my ps3 play discs?

my ps3 slim wasnt readin discs and when i lifeted it up i heard something moving. i took apart my ps3 blu ray drive and found a quarter in there. after putting it back together i tried playin a game and it still wont work

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Answer for Ps3 slim quarter problem, what has happen is the quarter has damage the blue ray & laser reader check out this link hope it will help you good luck.


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Probably still a few pennies left lol.

In all seriousness, though, there is always the chance that there is more debris in there if a whole quarter made its way in there. The quarter might have also caused physical damage to the moving parts of your Playstation.

It's a pretty common PS3 issue for laser lenses to go bad as well, which would be characterized by the blue light on the front turning red when the machine tries to read a disc. Unfortunately, locating a replacement lens that isn't just a factory reject is a difficult task if you're not going directly through Sony.

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I fix 200 ps3's a month. I see this ALL the time. If a coin has bounced around inside. You have the following possible problems.

A) Scratched Laser Lens

B) Broken Gear or Jammed from coin passing thru it.

C) Feed Gear Misaligned...

If you open the Blu ray drive..BE CAREFUL there are spring sin the drive that release the "Claws". Getting them back aligned is a pain in the arse.

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