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Second generation phone released in November 2012. Available in stealth black or polar white / 32 or 64 GB / micro sim card / no sd card slot. Model #PM63100

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Accidental screen damage due to fire

Hey. Recently, I had a kitchen accident involving my phone. I switched on a baking oven without realizing that my phone was inside. I adjusted the burner to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. About 15 seconds later, I realized that my phone was inside!! I shut off the burner and retrieved the phone. The right half of the screen was completely black and the phone was very hot. Slowly however, the blackness started to go away and the phone cooled down. Luckily, it operates normally except for two things: the pictures from the front camera are a bit hazy; and, there is some fading on the right side of the screen.

Now, to my question. What can I do to fix the screen? Should I replace it? If I don't, could the fading spread or become more intense?

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In order to replace your screen use this guide, however given your description of the "hazy camera" you may have some issues other then the screen fading, in that case go seek professional help from a local repair shop in your area.

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