What can I get out of upgrading my memory?

Currently upgrading my laptop from a 6g to a 16g (Max 16g on my laptop). I looked up around the internet and I had some of my own knowledge. What people have said was, it can let you run a bunch of internet browser tabs without your pc slowing you down (which doesn't seem needed to me), I want to know what other effects it has such as increase installation speed or start up your pc/laptop faster and other such. I am also a gamer which I heard it increases your load time

I am also looking to upgrade to an SSD, which i am also looking to see what else that does. I hear that you can only upgrade your memory and to a SSD on a laptop.

My knowledge at this point is that I know motherboard's, GPU's, and hard drive's functionality. I am still learning what CPU, little bit of memory (RAM), and SSD

I know that motherboard is what determines on how much ports you want to have and the secure of it.

GPU is what improves any flash video or gaming experience (FPS increase)

Hard drive determines how much space/memory you want to have stored,

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