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Sony Handycam released on April 10th, 2009, identified by model number HDR-XR500V.

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Where is the internal battery? as you change?

Sony hdr xr500V Where is the internal battery? as you change ?

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I found that even replacing battery caused my date/time settings to reset. Purchased my HDR-XR150 back in 2010 (now end of 2021). Lately, with cell phone pic/video quality improvements, this camera isn’t getting as much use as it used to.

I’ll try charging for extended period of time to see if that helps. When possible I’ll try to switch battery while camera is plugged in-let’s see if that helps.



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It is an internal rechargeable battery that is not intended to be replaced. The manual said plug it in for 24 hrs to recharge it or leave a battery attached. It will last for 3 months if the camera is not used. I now just leave a battery attached to the camera and when I took it off and put back on after a week it was keeping the date and time. Hope this helps.

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Thank you. I couldn't find an answer to this problem anywhere. Much appreciated.


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