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La Magic Mouse est une souris multi-touch fabriquée et vendue par Apple. Elle a été annoncée et vendue pour la première fois le 20 Octobre 2009.

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mouse connected but no pointer showing on iMac monitor

Magic Mouse not working--any ideas?

The batteries are in the correct way

The mouse is on

The iMac can discover the magic mouse

The 'on' indicator light does not stay on for long.

I can't see any laser when it is switched on and the indicator light shows that it is on and the iMac is saying its connected.

The magic mouse does not show a pointer on the iMac screen.

Any ideas?

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If you happen to have a spare mouse on hand.

What you can do to make sure that the mouse is putting out a signal to your iMac is:

1. Turn off the mouse.

2. With the additional mouse if you have one, go to Apple Logo in the top right corner then System Preferences -> Bluetooth.

3. From here, make sure the mouse has good, charged, batteries in it.

4. Power on the mouse.

5. You should be able to view the mouse at this point. Select the Mouse you would wish to connect and you should be able to view your cursor again.

If you only have a keyboard working. You may be able to use the spotlight command by clicking the "Space Bar" + "Command Key" at the same time. type in Bluetooth and hit enter. It should pull up the Bluetooth menu and you will have to attempt to navigate it with the Arrow Keys on your keyboard.

If you are still having issues with the mouse, it maybe time for a new one.

Let me know if this helped!

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