Acer Chromebook C720 not turning up while replacing screen.

Hi, and please, hoooo please help.

The glass on my C720P was shattered, so I brought it to a repairman and he followed the instructions from the screen surgeons video:

(You can see a comment very similar to what I'm writing here on the video.)

Once he finished detaching the front, reaching where they are at 4:50, the repairman tried to turn on the computer to see if everything was fine.

It wasn't.

No wire has been disconnected or anything.

When we plug the battery, we see the little blue color in the front, but except from that, no response whatever we do.

1/ Is it normal, for any reason (security or something like that).

2/ If it is not normal, what could have gone wrong?

I'm kind of desperate.

I need this computer and don't have the money to replace it right now.

Thanks in advance.

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