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Device and repair information for the 60" LED HD TV by Samsung released in 2013, model number UN60FH6003FXZA.

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How can I fix the screen?

My 60' inch TV is been broken in one side of the corner how can I change or fix the TV?

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margarita, although possible to change the LCD it is almost impossible to find a replacement one. the cost for just the LCD will be more than a new TV, if you can even find it. The most economical way would be to try and find a TV that has other parts that are not working and then to change the LCD.

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my tv screen goes dark after about1 hour


You have problème on carte vidéo processeur is shine or tout carte alimentation if tour TV is dont work


karimb1312, " broken in one side of the corner" is not an issue with the video card processor. It is physically damaged....


Mine has lines running part way and on about 3 inches wide of the left side


MrGamer15 that could be a different issue altogether. You want to try and ask your own question by using this link and see if you can post some images of what your display looks like with your question. For that use this guide


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Bull I hear that all the time first thing those tv still worth good money on avg 300 bucks ( all boards known to be good list them on eBay and they will sell) ok to fix it watch craigslist for non working tv you can usually get your tv for free and there never more then 100 bucks for that model just make sure it has a good panel. Do your home work and you can find what all brands and models used that panel then you can watch for more then one model ....the rest is common sense and being carefull. Because when that size of panel is removed from the tv it will certainly break on a new guy so take the boards out of yours and install them on your tv ....check every day twice a day on Craigslist and with in a year of say you will get your panel for 20 bucks .......I have done it time and time again

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