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Ps3 slim 250gb fan loud still after fan+thermal paste replacement!HELP

whenever i used to play a game for 10 minutes the fan used to get really loud so i changed the fan to a new one and replaced the thermal compound on the cpu and gpu , i put it back together but the fan still gets really loud , I DONT KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS NOW someone plz help me , when the ps3 is loud the cpu temp is like 70 degrees and the rsx temp is 60 degrees IT IS REALLY ANNOYING ME BECAUSE I WANT TO PLAY ON THIS PS3

i read online i need to remove the ihs under my cpu and replace the thermal paste , is that the issue and can i do that myself

my ps3 is clean so there is no dust inside


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2 solutions

Can be the fan is going too. The bearings in fans sometimes go. Especially if you blow them out with an air compressor. Try looking on ebay for a new fan for your cpu. Don't use a cheap thermal paste either. A decent one will be about $10+. I recommend this or this. Both are excellent paste's and have always kept my temps down on my computers. If you replace the fan I'm sure you won't have any issues with noise.

Just for your information too. All CPU's and GPU's get hot when gaming. Most Intel processors can run upto 105c and AMD's can run around the same too. Anything up to 85c isn't of any worry for me usually. Just make sure it's in a good spot that has good airflow too. That always helps.

Best of luck!

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Chip could be going bad, thermal paste under the chip cap hardened and went bad, or not enough airflow from the fan. You can mod the case to improve airflow. There are videos on youtube. Other solutions will require a visit to the repair shop.

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