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Released in 2012, the Toshiba Satellite C850 is a 15.6-inch notebook with a choice of either AMD or Intel processors. It has USB 3.0 and can be configured with up to a 1TB HDD for storage and discrete graphics.

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black screen when I turn on my laptop


my laptop when i turn on it is very hot and the screen is off (black)

please help me


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When a laptop gets real hot, it usually means its getting over heated. What I would do would to open the device up to where you can see the motherboard and see if there are any signs of burns or liquid damage. If it all looks clean then you might try redoing the thermal paste on the heat sink. If that fixed the overheating issue but the display still does not turn on, try connecting the laptop to an external monitor, if there is still no display then the video processor on the motherboard is probably faulty, if there is video on the external monitor then I would reseat the lcd cables on both ends, the motherboard connector and the lcd connector. If this does not fix it, try a replacement LCD or take it in to a repair shop.

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Electricity is not up to the motherboard .... what caused this problem ????


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similar issue here. on powering up the laptop the power led and wifi led turns on, the fan may or may not spin, the optical drive spins once and the num lock led turns on then off but the screen stays black.

removing the battery, unplugging the power adapter and pressing the power button for a few seconds then plugging it again is sometimes enough to have the laptop turn on and boot normally.

I’m about to open it and see if there’s any obvious issue inside and do a cleanup / change of thermal paste while I’m at it. hopefully this will help.


I cleaned up the accumulation of dust, changed the thermal paste but the symptoms persist. I ran a test without optical drive and hard derive, plugging th laptop and powering it, the CPU and GPU instantly warm up but the fan does not start spinning causing the laptop to get quite hot.

I used the multimeter to check the 19v power rail and it is present at different points, so probably not a mosfet issue here.

I’m unsure the issue is screen related I suspect something wrong during boot.


to summarize, there are 2 differents states:

1) without the battery in: power and wifi LEDs lights up, optical drive makes a noise, num lock light turns on (caps lock and num lock turns on/off on press), fan does not start, short press on power button is enough to power off the laptop.

2) with battery in, power and wifi LEDs lights up, optical drive makes a noise, fans starts spinning, num lock and caps lock are unresponsive, a short press on power button has no effect, a long press is required to power down the computer.

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