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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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Oil Gauge is full of oil

Is the oil gauge on a fa50 supposed to be filled with oil? I took it apart and it looks right but other pics I've seen you can see the E and F and the pointer. You can't on mine because it's full of oil. It still works and the ballast is fine I'm just curious if I'm missing something on the inside of the gauge or something. Thanks all!

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Mike, sounds like the seal inside the gauge has failed. Replacing the gauge should fix this.

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Where can you find a seal since it is the same with mine


I ordered and installed a replacement gasket but that only prevents the tank from leaking. I don't know if there is a back to the gauge with the float or what. It works still but I'd like to have it work right. I even looked at pics of a gauge on eBay and it looks like I'm not missing anything. I dont know what's going on.


Mine has done that since day one. Use better oil that is translucent. As it starts to get lower - closer to E, you can see the gauge.


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