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Model A1040 / 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 GB hard drive / four touch-sensitive LED backlit buttons above touch wheel

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How Do I Repair the Headphone Jack

I accidentally peeled the orange cable off of the connector. Can I reconnect the cable with the connector? I'm only asking this because here in my country I can't order a replacement headphone jack and there are not so many A1040s around.

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Topo Ceni, most likely not. It sounds like you tore the ribbon cable. The only way to fix that is to replace the complete jack. I have a couple laying around, email me if you need me to send you one:-)

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Thanks! I've recently found someone with a broken 20gig A1040. Can I use the 20GB headphone jack on the 40GB model? If that person doesn't want to sell his iPod I'll be getting in touch with you.


Hi @oldturkey03 , do you still have a jack lying around. I'm interested!


Pieter Maes, let me check this weekend. contact me by email with your address etc. just in case I still have a few.


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