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The Droid Razr is an Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphone designed by Motorola.

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Dropped it in water, can I save it?

I have had this little beauty since it came out, no problems. Yesterday it flew into a clean toilet bowl of water for 5 seconds - dried it quickly, riced still no dice, 24 hours later have taken back off but damaged the gold/orange battery +/- connector (slight tear) is screwed in so stopped! unsure if I now have to replace this AS well as the battery. ..there was some damp still in phone when I took the back off, do I continue taking the battery out in hope of drying it??!

I mostly just want to resurrect the phone for a short time to transcribe notes I have taken, vids, photos, contacts. Can I do it or should I just take straight to professionals?

HELP if you are still out there in 2015

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i did the same thing...funny that it was dropped in a toilet too. be even funnier if you were on the phone with someone at the time like myself. you will have to replace the battery if you ripped the terminal. if i were you id order one that comes with the six point star screw driver like i did. i dont know if you will have the same problem i had with replacing the battery but when i did it would only show me a battery symbol with a question mark in it and i had tried the factory reset after i charged it and it still did not work so i took the battery back out and cleaned the terminals and made sure i didnt touch them and replaced it again and still had the same problem. if you do replace it and you have the same problem i did and find an answer please let me know. im in a long distance relationship and my laptop isnt always available when i need to talk and its getting frustrating.

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Send it in for data recovery service after you mess around with it for awhile.

You absolutely should take the whole thing apart and get the board into alcohol WHILE IT IS STILL wet!

The fact that it is not dry is in your favor. Displace the water with alcohol. Scrub the board. Then dry and see what it does with a new battery

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