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L'édition slim de la Xbox 360 classique avec un disque dur de 250 Go et le Wi-Fi intégré. La réparer nécessite des manœuvres délicates et des outils spécifiques.

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Why does my Xbox 360 go from green light to solid red?

When I start Xbox 360 S, the light goes green for a few seconds and then goes to a red dot in the center. I replaced the power cord, still get the same result. I removed and replaced the hard drive, still the same. I replaced the hard drive with a new one, still the same. What could be the problem and how do I fix it?

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Red Ring of death may be only fixed in a shop for a expensive labor & repair fee with the part !!! Unless you know how to harvest parts out of other consoles just getting another good used unit may be best . Just doing a reboot may not repair a red ring of death or RROD .

Missy B.


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HogsTooth13, seems to be the RDOD (Red Dot of Death;-)Since it is most like not under warranty anymore, check the optical drive. Apparently it can cause the RDOD. Also check Youtube for some decent explanations. This video shows one more trick you can try. If none of that works, open your console and clean the airvents properly of all collected dust and debris, change the thermal paste and try, or consider some heat to the flip chip (very temporary fix). Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks, oldturkey03 I'll give it a go and hope for the best.


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Sell it for parts on ebay for $50.00 & buy another one !!! Nuff said !!!

Update (10/22/2018)

The way the trinity sets are designed they are hard as snot to take apart & pry the sides off without breaking the tabs, putting on new thermal paste & heat is just a temporary fix & you will get the RROD Red Ring Of Death again !!! Sell & get a another one !!!

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Red dor showd upwpnt ho off nothing on the screehb

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