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Comment réparer la PlayStation 4, console de jeux télévisés produite par Sony Computer Entertainements, également connue sous le nom de PS4. Annoncée le 20 février 2013 et lancée sur le marché le 15 novembre 2013.

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Can I get my ps4 to stop disconnecting my controller?

I dropped my ps4 :( and now it keeps disconnecting my controllers after a few minutes of playing, sometimes right after another. They still can connect but not for long, I already looked at replacing the antenna but if it still can connect does it mean it's fixable or is it something more internal?

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The vast majority of the time the WiFi antenna is all that needs replacing. The guide is located here. It's possible that the wifi board itself is bad or the solder joints underneath it but that is not likely.

I hope this helps.

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Ok, but in my case, it disconnects from internet as well as from the wireless controller, and THERE IS NO WAY to connect them again, until I do a HARD RESET (unplugging from power) to the PS4 console. When it drops the connection, I try to reconnect the wireless controller and it keeps flashing as it was no PS4 around it, even when it is ON. So, I have to TURN IT OFF manually , then it connects everything again. Then again, at a random time, disconnects from WIFI and Wireless controller (in the middle of a game, or movie, etc.). It keeps doing it.


By dropping it you've probably jarred something loose. It could be the Harddrive not likely as it would prob just die. Could be the internal power supply. Follow the guide to open it up and see if the PSU needs reseating.


Have the same problem. Yesterday a friend of mine came with his own controller (the second gem) it works perfectly without disconnecting . thought the antenna in the ps4 had a problem , by the way i hv 2 controllers which disconnect after about 5 mins of play


I have 3 controllers, all are being disconnected in quick secession, PS4: battery is low, controller disconnected charge the battery. Since its plugged in (and ive used 3 different usb ports to try to charge the controller, all with same results) i hit the ps button & it a) turns back on with blue light & b) shown on screen is that its charging OR showns on screen a box with no moving lines indicating it sees the controller, but cannot charge it (this happpens with ps4 charge port as well as usb ports on surge protector. I feel like its not the cable cords, its not the controllers, but something has gone array within the console.


My PS4 had never done this, then I got the update/fix for Destiny 2 Version 2.26. WHAM! Suddenly the controller stops functioning, the console says I've lost server connection (which should have nothing to do with the controllers) and I have to remove power from console to reset it. I have two controllers. I may play for 2 hours or 6 before it happens. The console has never been dropped. I've tried the "reset controllers" option. I've un-/re-installed Destiny 2 completely. I played 3.5 hours yesterday without issue, 3 hours today and it happened again.


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