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How to fix dog teeth marks on stairs

My dog chewed the edge of my stairs. They are a light wood stain. Not sure how to fix this.

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Please post a couple of photos. Meanwhile try reading this as the problem may not go away:

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You could try sanding the area around it, and then re-staining. I'm sure there are plenty of good guides around the web on how to repair stained wood.

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Think he'll ever get a match doing this? What stain does he buy? What about tomorrow when the dog chews the next step. This is a very poor answer. Better to put a runner over it.


These are my sons steps on a new house. They are oak. As far as the dog goes I believe he was teething because the stairs and a tv remote are all he chewed and that was a few months ago. I was just looking for sealer suggestions but I wanted to make sure it looked good. Thanks for the suggestions and dog training tips.


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