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L'Asus Transformer Book T100TA est une tablette hybride Windows 8.1 .

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Can I replace the storage in my T100?

Can I replace 30 GB in ASUS T100 with a larger one, maybe an SSD and how big can I go?

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sadly no someone else has the same question, here is the link to his question with an answer

Upgrade SSD 64GB to 128GB

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What are the 500GB drives listed with the 32 & 64 eMMC machines?


could you please add a link to the page where you are seeing this as I cannot find a page which mentions a 50)Gb drive for this device


On the Asus tech specs page here:


ok, I might be wrong then but the 30Gb cannot be upgraded as it is eMMC which is soldered to the board. the hard drive might be upgradeable or you may be able to add one if you don't have the model with one included, I am not sure though, sorry for any misinformation initially given.


The T100 model number system can get very confusing, but that does contain all the info you need if you can decipher it. T100TA-C1-GR for example is a 64gb (c1, 32gb would be B1, and H1 is the 32GB with a 500GB HDD in the keyboard/dock), and the color is grey(GR). Though the processor speed does vary from the 2013 to 2014 models there is no difference model number that I am aware of. However the 2015 released *-CHI is a full HD version with upgraded display and cameras, and a slimmer form factor. There is also the DK002h model which is the Euro version. For more information check out this thread from the ASUS Transformer unofficial community forums.


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