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The Garmin Nuvi 255W is a GPS (Global Positioning System).

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How to upgrade garmin Nuvi 255w gps

i have garmin nuvi 255w gps and it is not showing correct takes long and wrong routs to reach the destinations

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Garmin has an app called "Garmin Express" that downloads and applies the latest version to a GPS connected by USB. It is available for Mac and Windows.

That said, a 'hard reset' by peeling the sticker off the front of the device and hitting the reset button should restore it to factory defaults, at which point it should function again, and then you can try the latest firmware and maps.

Now, that said, this model is discontinued, and the newer models have revised (better) user interfaces, faster processors, etc., so that's "plan B."

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Well, I basically stopped using this GPS when the hotel we wanted was in view on the left side of road, and my Garmin informed me that my hotel was on the right, suddenly recalculating and correcting her error. Then in Virginia wine country, Samantha, as we called her, sent us 35 miles out of our way on a gravel road through someone’s backyard and farm, then onto a one way ancient bridge and then on many narrow back roads. A five minute drive took over 1/2 hour and we arrived 5 minutes before the winery closed.

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To Update Garmin Nuvi 255w, follow below steps to get it:

  • Make sure your GPS device charged more than 70%.
  • Check for fast internet speed.
  • Ensure your WiFi network is working flawlessly.
  • Ensure there is enough space on your device to store updates.
  • Disable firewall/security settings for the time being.
  • Do not run any other downloading on your system.
  • Ensure Garmin Express is working correctly.
  • Ensure there is no problem with your GPS hardware or software.

Hope this will help you to get the latest update.

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