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How to get the down arrow key into place?

the down arrow key has fallen out how do i get it back in??

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How do I fix it if the little plastic scissors are lost, and I only have the top?


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If the little plastic scissors are still in place just press it back on. Have look at this video. It's a MacBook there, but the procedure is the same.

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You'll not be able to get the key working again if you dont have the white scissor clip that goes underneath. You can often buy keycaps on their own. But you'd need to identify which version of clip you have, as there are different versions depending on the manufacturer at the time.

if its one of the aluminium keyboards, then it will usually be either Type F or Type H.

(these are not identified by Apple, as they didn't start providing keycaps until 2015. We've come up with our own identification charts.)

here is a link to help identify which type you have.

If you then click on the type you have, you will be taken to the listings for that type. We sell every key with a white scissor clip, so you can replace both if need be.

I hope this helps.

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My left arrow key fell off and I can only get one side of it on but the other side with the sliders I think is broken


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See step #15 & 16 of the tear down I did on this keyboard to understand how it works:

Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1255) Teardown

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On my Late 2011 MacBook Pro (type F), I am having a similar problem, but I have the scissor mechanism in place. I am just not able to get the up arrow key to snap in place. Please review this video and let me know if you see any issues and/or have advice on how to get the up arrow key to snap in place. Thanks!

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its hard to see it clearly, but the bottom left peg may be damaged on the white scissor clip.

We class this keycap type as Type-G on our system (type F on our site is for the earlier MacBook range, not the MacBook pro from 2011)

But if it still doesn't work, i'd take a look at the clip underneath the black keycap, as its really common for them to get damaged


Thanks @thebookyard. It is hard to see (even in person), but I believe you are correct. Fortunately, I had access to another old MacBook Pro and was able to snag the up arrow key and scissor clip / assembly. This one worked.


Great to hear. Glad you got it sorted in the end


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