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A tasty fruit, orange in color. Not to be mistaken for an Apple. Repair is impossible, as getting into the device ruins it forever.

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Problems with the English language

If an Orange is orange why isn't a palindrome spelled like one? Shouldn't it be like a pallap? or palinilap? These things keep me awake at night.

Why is it spelled opossum? But the plural of opossum is possum. But the State park is Possum Kingdom?

If you answer to many questions you go nuts.

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I do not understand... Is this supposed to be a question and I'm just not seeing it?


It's a discussion.


Oh alright. My mistake.


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What keeps me up at night is knowing how unfair plurals can be , why do some get more while some get none. Pliers are still pliers no matter how many you have and a deer is a deer even as a herd. When they die " Do geese see God" So who should we see to change its name to "palinilap" And as for the State park in any given area the size of a park there's gonna be more than one opossum. But what really keeps me up at night is...

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Why are so many questions the same?


What rhymes with silver ? I used to think about what rhymes with orange but then I found out.


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The word 'palindrome' describes a word or phrase that is odd in its own way. 'As I pee, sir, I see Pisa!' is a palindrome. Can only be spelled that way. 'Palindrome' can only be spelled that way.

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But shouldn't the word for palindrome be one? That would make it much more logical and recognizable.


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