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La cinquième génération de l'iPhone. La réparation de cet appareil est simple, mais nécessite des tournevis, des outils pour faire levier et enfin de la patience. GSM/CDMA en 16, 32 ou 64 Go / iPhone noir ou blanc.

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Audio Chip possible damage

Hi there guys

I have here an iPhone 4S where a screen repair has been done. The customers LCD was not working previous to the repair so we were not able to test the device, however after the repair, the following wasn't working

Audio Microphone

Loud Speaker

In-Call Microphone

Earpiece Speaker

Headphone Jack

I believe this can be directly related to the audio chip, does any one have any tips or tricks in regards to maybe getting this to work again?



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fonebitz ,

Find the Green color highlighted codec chip and heat it by hot air 360 C : air 10Vmin : 16 seconds, most probably your fault may solved as audio subsystem not works.

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I'll attempt to reflow the chip itself, if it does not work I will write the phone off as unrepairable. I'll let you know how it goes




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If you haven't yet, I would first try the board in a different known good housing. That's the easiest way to go to rule out damaged cables.

Or disconnect the charging dock cable and the headphones jack cable, and overlay new ones instead (one after the other) and test their functionalities.

If those don't help, you'll have to trouble shoot the board. Either the sound circuit is at fault, or sound IC's, or even PMIC. But I wouldn't bother much seeing that the 4S is not worth this much effort to fix.

And I strongly advise against heating chips, specially on iPhone 4S where most are glued. At best, the phone will be back in 1-3 weeks. At worse, it will be rendered useless.

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