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The Canon EOS 60D is a 18 MP DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera with an articulating LCD screen. The camera was released August 2010 and is identified by the EOS 60D printed on the front of the camera.

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My 60D turned off randomly!

While I was using my camera the other day, it just turned off midway and will not turn back on! I changed the batteries but this hasn’t fixed the issue. The camera still wont turn on. Can anybody help please?

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Assuming you know that the battery in the camera does have power...

There are a couple of micro-switches that will prevent the camera from powering up (or if tripped... will cause the camera to power off immediately.)

One is on the battery compartment door.

The other is on the memory card door.

The doors themselves have small tabs which, when closed, will engage the switches. If the door(s) do not fully close, or if the tab is damaged then the switches might not be completely engaged.

I've tested a few cameras by _very_ slowly opening each door to determine how far open it can be before the switch disengages. On some of my cameras it's quite a bit. On other camera bodies... the switch is barely engaged only when the door is fully closed.

If you inspect the door and door frame you should see the tab. You could test by taking a toothpick and just "gently" (do not jam in) press the tab (with camera in the "on" position) and see if the camera comes to life.

If you have a bad switch or a mis-adjusted switch (not fully engaging) then you'd probably need to send it to Canon for service... but at least then you'd know what you are dealing with

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Hi, is this a switch or just a pressure tab? Only I have the same problem with 60D not turning on except flashing battery icon and watched a video where there was a 'lever' handle that could be adjusted to another position and this fixed the camera. My 60D just has holes. Thank you!


Hola. me puede indicar la dirección para ver ese video. Tengo el mismo problema. Gracias


Thank you! fixed. simple, some packing had moved preventing switch contact in card door.. I didn't know about these switches.


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