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The Dell XPS 10 tablet comes with Windows RT, Office Home and Student 2013 RT. Model number: XPS10-2727BLK.

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ware buy battery for dell tablet XPS10

where I buy a battery at a good price for a tablet dell xps10

My tablet only works if connected as if the battery does not exist

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The most reliable place to get a hold of the battery would be Dell, as it is the OEM. If you can't get it through dell, you can try searching for this part: Dell JD33K - a new one will cost between $40 and $140 USD.

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If you search Dell JD33K on you can get an exact replacement for as low as $16.00. However your battery might not be the issue, in order to determine what the true issue is please visit the Dell XPS 10 Troubleshooting page.

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