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La famille des Macbook a été introduite pour la première fois en mai 2006, pour remplacer la gamme portable d'Apple, les iBook.

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Caps Lock Button Stuck, Weird Symbols When Typing

Caps Lock Button light stays on and when typing it ends up being weird symbols instead of letters. My daughter just bought this computer second hand so we don't have any more history than that. We brought up the keyboard viewer and it is set to US but the viewer keys are in symbols instead of letters on the screen keyboard and a number of those keys don't work don't light up on the viewer when pressed on the computer keyboard.

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Please help! Thanks so much.

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First try attaching an external keyboard to see if this solves the problem. If so then you may need to replace the keyboard or top case. Please remove the battery and look in the compartment for specific machine type so we can direct you to the correct parts and repair manuals.

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