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La deuxième génération de l'iPad avec les modèles Wi-Fi, GSM et CDMA. Certains modèles ont été rafraîchis avant l'iPad 3. La réparation est difficile, nécessitant de chauffer les parties collées, ainsi que de la précision et de la concentration afin de judicieusement détacher les différents composants.

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My ipad is disabled how can I enable it without a computer

How do i enable my disabled apple ipad2 without computer or itunes

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What does the screen say?


Disabled try in20 min


I have the exact same problem


Ipad disabled connect to Itunes


iPad disabled connected to iTunes


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There is no way to enable a disabled iPad without a computer. If you can use a friend or family members internet enabled device and can access it is possible to remotely erase your device by following the instructions below.

The following instructions are from Apple's Support Website

If you set up Find My iPhone on your iOS device or Mac, you can use iCloud to erase and restore it.

1. From another device, go to

2. If prompted, sign in with your Apple ID.

3. Click All Devices at the top of your browser window.

4. Select the device you want to erase.

5. Click Erase [device] to erase your device and its passcode.

6. Now you can either restore from a backup or set up as new.

If your device isn't connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, you can't erase it with Find My iPhone.

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I locked myself out of ipad2 did not sync nor did get to set up id quite yet


what if i did not sigh up to i cloud on this ipad


If you no have computer, and the iPad was locked, you can use Find My iPhone in another iPhone, but it's better to backup your iPhone first of all, and you from Find My iPhone, you can erase your iPad, so that you can unlock iPad without restore . Then restore from backup.


will this erase the iPads data?


Yes it will.


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there is no way to do that as stated by @dylanfaraone above.... you may follow his instruction.

or find PC with itunes

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If you have an old backup then you can restore your backup then you got an option to insert a passcode for the final time.

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@thegsmsolution can't restore from backup "without a computer" . This Question is 7 years old and the OP is long gone.


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