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Rattling noise inside phone?

Is there anything in the 5X that should or could rattle? It seems to be near the camera. I have read others complaining about this as well. I also discovered that the nexus 5 rattles in the same area. You will hear it if you gently shake the phone near your ear. Thanks.

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I have the same problem and I found this thread @ xda-devs

Quoting the author:

'''SOLVED! - I spoke to Google support and they said that the rattling noise comes from the sim tray.

There is a tiny lever which you push with the sim pin to remove the sim tray, and that lever is what rattles against the frame. Providing that your 5X works as it should, that's the rattle.'''

I wouldn't worry about it.

Best of luck!

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I have this same problem, but I don't notice anything defective other than that, so I, personally, wouldn't be worried about it.

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It's probably the camera lens assembly, i've heard something similar on the Nexus 4 and there were never any problems.

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