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I am trying to get this Toshiba Satellite L655-s5115 into Windows 7. I am getting the UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME blue screen.

I put an Windows 8.1 install disc is, to use the repair feature, but it just hangs after the Windows logo disappears.

I used a Windows Recovery Drive USB, it works. None of the recovery/restore options have worked. I have gone into command prompt, but the f:(which has most of the files) is not accessible. C: has two directories related to booting.

Also, Ubuntu on USB works great, I backed-up the personal files using it.

Sfc & chkdisk both fail for different reasons.

Any suggestions?

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Since the system appears to boot fine from a USB drive I would recommend turning the system off and reseating the hard drive. If it continues to fail I would test the system with another hard drive.


Good advice, I did reseat the drive, no success. Since it is also failing a Windows CD boot, I am not stumped.

I would try a new HHD, but they gave up on it.


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Since it is booting Ubuntu from USB I would recommend creating a Windows 10 bootable USB drive, however this will require access to a working Windows computer.

You should be able to reinstall Windows 10 with the USB drive with no problem due to the way Microsoft handled the upgrade process. This will also give you a clean install if you choose to format the hard drive during installation.

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This is a great option, and should be very helpful in future repairs. Thanks!


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if you have the windows 7.1 disk i would suggest doing a clean reinstall.

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Unfortunately, the key is not reusable.


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