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Comment réparer la PlayStation 4, console de jeux télévisés produite par Sony Computer Entertainements, également connue sous le nom de PS4. Annoncée le 20 février 2013 et lancée sur le marché le 15 novembre 2013.

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Blu Ray Disc Drive - Error CE-35888-2

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Not sure how this happened maybe after I opened my PS4 and replaced the thermal paste because my PS4 was constantly crashing/freezing. Afterwards never happened again but it was louder. Original thermal paste was dried out and cracked only aprox year after I got it.

I tried to play new game couple months later Fallout 4 no dice unreadable disc. I usually only buy digital games since they install fully on console anyways. Been able to by pass this issue and have a functioning console by pulling the power from PS4 Motherboard to the Blu Ray controller board then doing what I need. Weirdest thing is PS4 sees the disc and begins to read it then crash's with CE-35888-2 error. I understand boards are married but it's the same board that came with my PS4 I've played games I have discs for before. I've made sure all the cables are plugged in.

I have issues doing following.

-Reinstalling PS4

-Reading disc's


PS4 CUH-1001A

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Were you able to fix this issue?


Anch'io ho questo problema dell( CE-35888-2)


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See the link below for an explanation of this error code and how to address it.

Credit to for this solution.



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We haven't replaced anything in our PS4, it tried updating and came up with that Error code, please help


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Hello! I know this is 5 years later but I believe I hold a solution that requires you to spend £0.00!!

All you need to do is the following

Boot your PS4 into safe mode


You will hear it start to whir and spin

Select option 3 and update it from the internet

This has worked for me the past 3 updates and I'm pretty sure it will continue to work!

Worth a shot

After the update, you may have issues inserting disks when the console is booted up

Boot into safe mode and insert, and restart :) you may need to do this a few times.

I believe the issue with updating arises when the disk drive is idle /not doing anything

I'm not 100% sure this is the solution, but it's working for me and I've updated fine to 7.50 today

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For me it doesn't work I try with game and DVD film when it download update it is the same error ce-35888-2


Worked for me! Thanks!!!


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No fix that I found I replaced board and cable was willing to fork over for Blu Ray drive. I can to conclusion that the ps4 chips and Blu Ray were married after digging in forms aND you cant just replace them easily. I ended up trading in my ps4 getting newest version.

Sorry all maybe you can fix it but being IT Tech and DIY'ing a ton of stuff with eletronics I saw this as an issue worth more trouble then it's worth.

FYI Sony charge 160 $ to fix it + shipping. Gamestop will give aprox 200$ trade in I suggest the trade in.

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Hi. From my understanding it sounds like you may have an issue with the data cable from the blue-ray to the motherboard or the blue-ray lens cable that connects to the daughter-board. You’re correct in saying that the PS4 daughter-boards are married to the main board and a different daughter-board will cause the CE-35888-2 error. As you still have the original daughter-board then this suggests an issue with one of the cables. I’d maybe check that both are properly seated and that there’s no broken legs in the connectors from the data cable on both the main board and the daughter-board. Its a common occurrence apparently and I’ve done this once or twice myself. If both are fine it could be an issue with the firmware as I’m aware that being on an extremely low revision has been causing problems from what I hear. I think there’s a couple of vids out there that might help as you will need to disconnect the data cable before updating, and re-connecting it once the update has completed but I know this won’t work for every one but worth a shot

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So I've discovered that if you say have a game like fallout 4. And you've also downloaded say the game of the year edition That the disk won't read and you'll get this error. I don't know if that helps but that's what I've found out.

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