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The Trio Stealth G4, manufactured by Mach Speed Technologies, is a touch screen tablet with a 7.85” HD screen. The device has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Google Play capabilities with features that include a quad core processor, and front and rear facing cameras.

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Screen Cracked On The Tablet

Hi, I took my tablet to New York with me and didn't use it for the whole ride was going to though so I wouldn't be bored then on the next day, I open my case to my tablet to see that it was cracked. I did no physical damage to it. I thought the case was suppose to protect the tablet. Anyway, I have important information on it and I can't reset it because of the crack on my tablet. What should I do?

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What you need is a new digitizer screen for your tablet, while I have one here, I do not know how locall I am to you. I am in Michigan. Check a local company first for repairs. I charge twenty dollars for the screen and thirty dollars labor. Reach me at

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What do I type in for the correct search local parts and service


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You can do what David Slawinski said and pay someone to repair it for you, but you can also repair it yourself for much cheaper :) This video will show you how

You will need a heat gun or hairdryer the part is below it comes with all the other tools you need

For 7.85 inch:

For 7 inch:

An old credit card can be helpful for prying the old glass off. If you think you will want to repair stuff in the future I would suggest a toolkit, this is the one I have:

It is really nice, I fixit also makes some really good tool sets like this one: Essential Electronics Toolkit

Image Essential Electronics Toolkit


Essential Electronics Toolkit


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