Loud noise on spin and now rigid wire sticking through the basket

My washer was overloaded and it made a loud noise on the high speed spin cycle and now there is a rigid wire sticking through the basket. Would it be beneficial to call repair man or just buy a new one? (Took it apart and the wire cannot be reached from the bottom drain hole). Is there another access point. I am fairly handy with tools but not sure I want to take the entire basket /drum apart.

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What wire? Where does it originate from? Take plenty of pictures and post with your question. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante so that we can see what you see


The wire is sticking through the bottom of the tub. You can't really see it in pictures. We put out fingers up through the bottom drain in the back and it is to the left of a rod that goes through the middle of the bottom drain. Have no idea where it came from - appears to be a support bracket that is broken? It is very strong wire.


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