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Windows 10 upgrade problem

Trying to upgrade my precision m4500 from windows 7 professional to windows 10.

Upgrade apparently succeeds, but startup gets stuck with a light blue blinking screen on which I can only move the mouse, and nothing else.

I can boot into safe mode, but I don't know what to do from there.


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3 solutions

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delete driver Nvidia, after reboot - install new driver :

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Thanks Eric, but I can't boot after W10 installation (flickering screen) so I can't delete the Nvidia driver.


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Hello, you can't access the desktop, right? Are there any other error showing up in your computer? You could find the probable solutions according to your problem.

Solution 1: Blue Screen Of Death occurs during update to Windows 10

Once Blue Screen of Death shows up when you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, you might be taken back to the original operating system.It is suggested you delete installation files and Windows~BT folder from C Drive. Also you have to delete all files in Software Distribution folder under Windows folder.

Solution 2: Blue Screen Of Death occurs after updated to Windows 10

No matter you updated to Windows 10 or updated or installed a specific driver on your computer, the updates might cause a conflict with your machine, leading to Blue Screen Of Death shows up. The different solutions listed in the following for you depending on if you can access to the desktop.

Scenario 1: You can access the desktop

In this case, uninstalling the updates that’s leading to Blue Screen Of Death might fix the error.

Step 1: Type ‘ View installed updates’ in the search box on the task-bar, then click ‘ View installed updates’

Step 2: Expand the window and select the updates you need to uninstall, then click ‘ Uninstall’

Scenario 2: You can not access the desktop

After your computer rebooted several times, you still can not access the desktop, then you will be taken to automatic repair. After automatic repair, select ‘Troubleshoot’ >’ Advanced options’ > ‘ System Restore’ on the ‘ Choose an option’ screen. This action will get your machine back to a date/ point prior ( also named a system restore point)to when you started getting Blue Screen Of Death. Restore point will delete updates or device drivers you installed, but don’t worry it won't influence your files.

Note: No matter the scenario you faced, please don’t forget to block the update from installing itself again after all done.

Solution 3: Blue Screen Of Death occurs While Windows 10 is working

On an aged computer, Blue Screen Of Death could occur when you add a new hardware or the device driver is out of date. Try to use the steps to fix the problem.

Step 1: Turn off your machine and take the new hardware you added recently out. Then reboot.

Step 2: Click ‘ Start’ and type ‘ Windows Update’, then click ‘ Check for Updates’ on the Windows Update page. It is suggested you to use a third party tool like Driver Talent to update the device drivers, which allows you to select a proper driver version.

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my movies &tv player is not playing


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Jeffrey, which of the three solutions did you apply?

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