Complete hardware upgrade of a laptop?

So, I was wondering if this were a possible thing?

I think it could be possible, but I wanted to ask some people that have more experience in these things than me. I've fallen in love with the Sony Vaio P Series netbooks, however I hate the fact that it's 5-6 year old tech, in such a beautiful design.

I was wondering if it were possible to replace all of the old tech with new pieces on the motherboard and have it still work. For example, the CPU, the socket that holds it in place, can that be replaced with a different socket?

I know all of this will take a lot of soldering, and maybe even some micro soldering, which I'm more than happy to figure out, however I was wondering if I have to make a new motherboard, or use one from a newer model somehow that would fit it, or something?

I'm hoping that soldering newer components of a similar design or type would be possible on a motherboard.

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