How do I turn off factory alarm?

I put a new battery in my 1997 Toyota Camry and now when I start the car the parking lights and instrument panel lights flash and flash while I'm driving. The horn does not go off thankfully. The lights flash for a good three minutes while driving. They then stop. Whenever I stop at a light or something, they will flash twice when I go to accelerate. When I get out of the car, the parking lights flash off and on for about a minute or so and go off. In the morning when I first get into the car, besides the parking lights and instrument panel lights flashing the doors will lock and unlock and lock and unlock repeatedly, even with the drivers's door opened. I've been dealing with this for a year now. Nobody can find the brain of the alarm at all. I had one buddy of mine get it to stop but he can't remember how he did it. I would appreciate any suggestions you have. Thanks..............


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